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On June 30, 2024, during the LGBTQ+ Pride Parade and National Pride Celebration, we will explore biblical lessons on faith, deception, and truth.

America will be treated to a spectacular celebration when the yearly Gay Pride parades go through significant cities nationwide on June 30, 2024. “Join us on June 30” is the annual Pride March 2024 promotional tagline. According to their supporters, it will be a colorful demonstration of acceptance, love, and [...]

The Dove is a significant symbol in biblical narratives, with roots in Noah and the New Testament Holy Spirit.

One of the most breathtaking stories in the Bible is the discovery of Noah and the Ark, a story of divine intervention and survival in the book of Genesis. Among the many intriguing aspects of this story, the Dove’s role stands out significantly. In the story, Noah uses the Dove [...]