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The Church Must Prepare To Go Through Three And A Half Years Of Tribulations Before The Rapture

According to scripture, the church will not escape the tribulation but will be subjected to three and a half years. There are many teachings about the subject from the uninformed. God has written the Bible for everyone to see, read, and understand. Follow the learning in the video sermon attached [...]

Shedding Light on the Persecuted Church

In a world where faith often faces severe opposition, the global Christian community stands united in its commitment to spreading the gospel. For many believers, this dedication comes at a tremendous personal cost. Christianity News Daily’s International Christian News section reports on the persecuted church, highlighting the trials and tribulations [...]

The Key To Church Revival is the Power of Praying in Tongues or the Spirit. –

Revival Through Returning to the Roots: The Modern Church’s Path to Spiritual Renewal Often compared to the Laodicean church described in Revelation 3:14–22, the modern church faces numerous spiritual ailments. The first-century church, known as the early church, offers a strong blueprint for revival. It flourished by seeking God’s presence [...]

The Dangers of Worshipping Mary and Other Idolatries in the Catholic Church –

Thanks to its extensive history and rich traditions, the Roman Catholic Church is known for its exceptional practice of idol worship. Among these, the veneration of Mary, the mother of Jesus, stands out prominently. This practice and the reverence of dead saints have sparked significant controversy and debate within the [...]