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The Relationship Between Homosexual Marriage Endorsing Churches and God the Holy Spirit

The contemporary acceptance and endorsement of homosexual marriage by some churches has sparked significant theological and moral debates. The heart of this debate is whether these churches can genuinely claim to know and follow God’s Holy Spirit. The biblical teachings on sin, holiness, and the character of God’s Spirit are [...]

The Dove is a significant symbol in biblical narratives, with roots in Noah and the New Testament Holy Spirit.

One of the most breathtaking stories in the Bible is the discovery of Noah and the Ark, a story of divine intervention and survival in the book of Genesis. Among the many intriguing aspects of this story, the Dove’s role stands out significantly. In the story, Noah uses the Dove [...]

From Noah to the Holy Spirit.

The story of Noah and the Ark, a tale of divine intervention and survival, is one of the most awe-inspiring narratives in the Bible, found in the book of Genesis. Among this story’s many intriguing aspects, the dove’s role stands out significantly. Noah’s use of the dove to determine the [...]

Discover the incredible power of praying in tongues and how it unleashes the Holy Spirit’s intercession.

Praying in tongues, also known as praying in the Spirit, is a powerful practice that activates the Holy Spirit’s intercession on behalf of believers. This spiritual discipline is a profound way to communicate with God and an essential tool for spiritual warfare. Believers who neglect to pray in tongues deprive [...]