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The Dangers of Christians Embracing the Homosexual Agenda and Same-Sex Marriage

In contemporary society, the acceptance of the homosexual agenda and same-sex marriage has gained significant momentum, even among some Christian communities. This shift raises critical concerns about aligning such practices with Biblical teachings. The story of Sodom and Gomorrah is a stark reminder of the consequences of embracing behaviors that [...]

Denying conjugal rights in a Christian marriage is a valid reason for divorce. –

Denying conjugal rights within marriage has been a contentious topic since the early days of Christianity. In his letters, the Apostle Paul addressed various aspects of marital relations, including the grounds for divorce. When a spouse abandons their marital vows by neglecting intimacy and denying conjugal rights, it creates a [...]

A Scriptural Guide to How a Christian Marriage Can Avoid Divorce –

God created marriage as a sacred covenant, representing the bond between Christ and the Church. With divorce rates reaching dangerous levels in the world, Christian couples must exemplify God’s intended model for a committed and affectionate union. By following biblical principles, couples can navigate the challenges of marriage and avoid [...]