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In Pakistan, a group of Muslim attackers shot a 29-year-old Catholic father of four, resulting in his death.

Lahore, Pakistan: According to his family, a Muslim neighbor shot and killed a Catholic father of four children last week after he protested their harassment of Christians in the neighborhood. Marshall Masih, of the Patiala House area in Lahore, was the sole breadwinner for his elderly parents, wife, and four children—the [...]

The Christian worker in Pakistan perished because of the torment inflicted upon them by their Muslim employer.

Lahore, Pakistan: A Muslim factory owner in Pakistan on Thursday (June 6) tortured to death an 18-year-old Catholic worker for leaving the job against his wishes, family members said. Two months ago, Waqas Salamat started working at Haji Muhammad Saleem’s plastic bottle manufacturing facility in the Islampura neighborhood of Lahore. Salamat [...]