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The defendants implicated in the killing of a Christian individual in Pakistan have been granted bail and then released.

Lahore, Pakistan: Due to a sloppy police investigation and pressure from an Islamist extremist party, a judge last week granted bail to at least 52 Muslims accused of killing a Christian man over a false blasphemy accusation, sources said. On June 13, a Special Judge of the Anti-Terrorism Court in Sargodha, [...]

Pakistan mourns the loss of five sanitation workers, all of whom were members of the Christian community.

In Lahore, Pakistan, it has been reported that five Christian sanitation workers have tragically lost their lives because of the inhalation of toxic gases. This regrettable event emphasizes the dire situations in which they must work without safety equipment. Irfan Masih, Ratan Masih, and Babar Masih succumbed on Wednesday (June [...]

The Christian worker in Pakistan perished because of the torment inflicted upon them by their Muslim employer.

Lahore, Pakistan: A Muslim factory owner in Pakistan on Thursday (June 6) tortured to death an 18-year-old Catholic worker for leaving the job against his wishes, family members said. Two months ago, Waqas Salamat started working at Haji Muhammad Saleem’s plastic bottle manufacturing facility in the Islampura neighborhood of Lahore. Salamat [...]

Pakistan witnesses a large-scale rally supporting the endorsement of violence against Christians.

Lahore, Pakistan: Following a mob lynching of a Christian accused of defiling the Quran in Pakistan, Islamic extremists at a rally on Sunday (June 9) expressed support for the homicide and threatened others. During a rally in Sargodha that the Islamic extremist group Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) organized, a 74-year-old Christian [...]

Report describes the attack in Sargodha, Pakistan, as ‘calculated’ and ‘manipulated.’

LAHORE, Pakistan The May 25 Muslim mob attack that killed a Christian in Sargodha, Pakistan, was a “calculated assault, manipulated through religious fervor to gain maximum leverage,” according to a report by the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP). The attack in Sargodha’s Mujahid Colony, Punjab Province, led to the death of [...]

Suspects in the torture-induced death of a Catholic in Pakistan evade

Police in Lahore, Pakistan, are neglecting to arrest individuals who are intimidating the victim’s relatives to provide false testimonies regarding the death of a Catholic man at the hands of his Muslim employers. Sonia Shahid, the widow of 35-year-old Shahid Masih and mother to their six children, said her husband’s [...]

Christian, wounded in the Pakistan attack, is reported to be in stable condition. –

The police detained 26 out of the 44 suspects who were Muslims. A Christian in Sargodha, Pakistan, who was severely wounded in a mob attack on Saturday (May 25) because of false allegations of blasphemy, is in stable condition, sources said. The mob of rioting Muslims beat Nazeer Masih Gill, [...]